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Callus Peel  'the clients choice' 

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Callus Peel is the only professional treatment that offers a 100% guarantee for both satisfaction and results.

Callus Peel has firmly established itself as the most efficient and effective Callus removal treatment available in Australia today , the blade free process promotes a hygienic approach that ensures client safety without compromising results.

The simple four step process, begins with a Skin Softening patch being wrapped around the affected area to soften the skin, a special scraper (blade free) is then used to peel away the dead calluses away, the third step is to polish the remaining skin area.The callus peeling treatment is completed by applying the finishing moisturising cream.

The Callus Peel system takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and you can continue to work on your clients feet as the Skin Softening patch begins to work. The success of Callus Peel can only be matched by the repeat business and referrals that users enjoy.    

The cream is also available to take home to maintain the fantastic results in between salon visits.

Remember be sure your pedi has "a peel".

Callus Peel now available in more than 800 of Australia's Leading Beauty Salons, don't settle for anything less!

Callus Peel the only professional blade free Callus peeling system to guarantee outstanding results in 15 minutes, using a simple 4 step process, callus peel provides a new level of satisfaction never experienced before, leaving your feet fresh,smooth and callus free.

Callus Peel the original and only professional treatment to guarantee outstanding results and a price guarantee, Callus peel provides a new level of client satisfaction never experienced before, leaving feet fresh,smooth and Callus free.

Callus Peel is exclusive to the beauty industry and is available either as a stand alone treatment or more often as part of a deluxe pedicure. You will be amazed at the results, so much so we guarantee it.

Callus Peel, 100% guaranteed results in minutes not weeks....that's a fact!.

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